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(1.20.60 Support) FD – Bedrock | Pre Release #2 (Phase 2.1) – RELEASE!

Update day! Well not really, it’s simply a small patch about an error that occurred in the cameras due to an MC update, just that, with new content lol, enjoy!

New content

  • fnaf3 floor (stair)
  • Pizzeria floor – yellow and blue (slab)
  • Pizzeria floor – yellow and blue (stair)
  • Pizzeria floor – green and blue (slab)
  • Pizzeria floor – green and blue (stair)
  • Pizzeria floor – white and blue (stair)
  • Pizzeria floor – white and red (stair)
  • chisel metal stair (now with variants)
  • chisel metal (slab)
  • Pizzeria floor – white and black inverted (slab)
  • Pizzeria floor – white and black inverted (stair)
  • chisel metal (slab)

Changes & Retextures

  • The wall and floor blocks were updated to the 1.20.40+ format, this in order to give more support to the new versions of MC, this means that these blocks are not supported in lower versions
  • A new component was added to the blocks to make the addon save resources in your world (block culling), this is only applied in 1.20.60 onwards
  • Celebrate fun sign rewritten (before: “celebre fun – after: “celebrate fun”)
  • fnaf3 walls and floors redesign
  • Pizzeria floor stairs now with broken variant

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in which the cameras did not work (due to the MC update)
  • Fixed a bug where door items did not generate the block below and you had to open and close the door for the bottom part to appear
  • Fixed a bug in the “shelves” block – thanks to ZachDoesGames
  • Fixed a bug where the “celebrate fun” block had a misspelling error
Download update!


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I love these emojis lol :freddy-happy:  :foxy-pog:  :bonnie-pog:  :freddy-pog:  :chica-pog: 


I hop we can

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Will You Add Phantoms?
Or SL?

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The flashlights are unfortunately broken and won’t light up

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How about next update you add sister location and the fun time animatronics?