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Better Pots v2 | now available!

Welcome back to a new update of the Better Pots addon, which although it is a somewhat small update, adds a bit of content to apply the addon while the big update continues to develop in order to be released in mid-december

Version highlights

  • XL Pot & Sandstone pot
  • Generation Fix
  • Loot changes & more

New content & Changes

XL Pot

The new “XL Pot” block is a pot with more than 5 hits of durability and a more OP loot because finding it in the depths is somewhat complicated

  • The chance of finding it is 10% or even a little less
  • Grants between 5 to 4 items, some can be valuable items (as items to highlight would be diamond boots,diamond pickaxe and diamond chestplate, there may even be more valuable items),others can be junk items

Resists 5 arrow hits, footsteps, thrown tridents
(it even has 4 faces of destruction to tell you that the pot is about to break)

Sandstone Pot

The new block “Sandstone Pot” is a pot with a different loot than what is already shown in the addon since it has great possibilities of finding valuable loot or also armor patterns, in addition to including pottery sherds

  • The probability of finding it is 5% (this may vary depending on the size of the desert), it has a low probability of finding it because it is very difficult to find sandstone caves and therefore these pots can only be generated in those caves
  • Grants between 3 and 2 items, some can be valuable items (highlight items would be armor patterns, pottery sherds (all patterns) and diamond and emerald), others can be junk items

Resists 2 arrow hits, steps and thrown tridents

This pot even has its variant with traps!

For now these are the traps added to this pot, we plan to add more in the next update as well as adding larger sizes


  • Increased the chance of finding the small pot (+7%)
  • Increased the chance of finding the medium pot (+5%)
  • Increased the chance of finding the big pot (+2%)
  • Increased the probability of finding a better loot in big pots (+3%)
  • Some pots can now be generated even a little lower and higher
  • Pack Icon changed

Fixes & more

  • Pots did not generate naturally in caves (due to a change in MC 1.20.40)
  • Fix some break sounds

Download update!


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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