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Better Pots

If you think mc pots are too boring I invite you to try this addon,as it adds more fun and functionality…


  • You can find incredible loot to progress much better in your survival world
  • They can be used as storage for your full inventory
  • They serve very well as decoration and are easy to craft
  • Good textures and designs
  • and more!


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Instead of some simple pots that only have the function of being decorative and… is that all? Welp this addon adds more types of pots! either small, medium and big pots that can be found in all the caves of your world, although each one has its probability of being generated

although not everything is rosy since there are also trap pots whose function is to deceive the player and give him either a negative or positive effect,something like a lucky block

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Compatibility versions

Here I will show you which versions are currently compatible with the addon and which other possible versions will be available in the future

Experimental Options

The experimental functions help the addon to work correctly so I come to show you any you have to activate before using the addon


Before downloading the addon you have to accept the terms of service (the links will appear when you accept the terms)
Terms of service


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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Rating the content! :

This looks good 🗿


will this receive an update anytime?


Cool mod,but when do you fix the generation of the pots?