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Community Forums – Now available!

Welcome to the new community forums

In these forums you can discuss various topics, be it bug reports, ideas, questions to your children, and much more.
There, select the post that is of interest to you and the addon that you like

More categories will be added soon!

What can you do in the forums?

(Discuss updates)
In these forums you can discuss new updates to the addons

(Discuss ideas/suggestions)
give ideas for those addons and thus have the possibility of seeing it in a next update

(Discuss about bugs/errors)
You may have noticed that when a new update of an addon comes out there may always be bugs that ruin your playing experience a little, so these forums are important so that you can mention it to the developers and thus be able to fix them in the next update

(Ask hirx’s)
If you are on the discord server you will have noticed that there is a similar channel, because in this forum it is like a small replacement of that channel for users who do not have discord, here you can ask me things and so I can answer them

Join the discussion right now!

(Please note that you need to create an account before you can discuss in the forums)

Go to Community Forums!


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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Do we just ask the questions here?