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Cosmetics Plus (BETA)

Have you ever wanted to have a world with a wide variety of items? Don’t worry, cosmetics plus is already here, with a wide variety of objects to wear (which by the way, more will arrive very soon)


  • Very amazing cosmetics for you and your friends!
  • Some cosmetics have effects!
  • They serve very well as decoration and are easy to craft
  • Good textures and designs
  • and more!


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Did you feel that something was missing from your world, something like I don’t know… cosmetics? of course! Welcome to Cosmetics Plus, an addon with a wide variety of cosmetics to dress up and have fun with your friends or decorate your survival and creative worlds! or probably realms? enjoy this beta release and stay tuned for upcoming updates for more cosmetics

Note: This addon adds only helmets/hats and chestplates/suits at the moment

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Compatibility versions

Here I will show you which versions are currently compatible with the addon and which other possible versions will be available in the future

Experimental Options

The experimental functions help the addon to work correctly so I come to show you any you have to activate before using the addon


Before downloading the addon you have to accept the terms of service (the links will appear when you accept the terms)
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hey i love fnaf decorations is on bedrock but its fun its just im playing education edtion 🙁