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A decision for a new and different beginning

Greetings y’all

I know it seems a little unusual for you than i upload a post right now, it’s been a long time since I uploaded my last post, which was a talk about the development of FB&D, and what i want to get at with this post is something similar but… something different, something that could completely change things, we are not talking about some small update, it is something beyond that, it is possible that this defines the end of the current FB&D and takes a step forward to the new FB&D, something more attractive, interesting, interactive and much more than what you expect, a unique and different style from the current one, something more vanilla but maintaining the essence of fnaf

although with FB&D I wanted to achieve something like that and and i couldn’t do it, you will probably remember FB v1, yes, that little memory of a simple MCBE addon that became something really popular at the level of Dany Fox’s addons

but leaving that aside something else was in that version, you know what there was more in that version?

This will be the first topic I want to talk about in this post, FB v1 at the programming level was basic and somewhat poorly optimized, well, I think it is somewhat exaggerated to say that since it is the first version of the add-on, but what is the problem with this version? You could say that I developed an addon which had no direction to follow, practically an addon without a main idea, this could be established in future versions, but in the same way the order no longer made sense…

probably if you are a veteran of the add-on you will remember something like “this addon would not have animatronics that move, since it is a decoration addon”, this was a direction taken without a clear idea of ​​what the addon could be in the future, some things that i also think were wrong about the development of the addon were adding things without finishing something…

what do i mean by this? practically adding things from fnaf2 without having finished fnaf1 first, this would cause in the future to avoid adding said missing things due to… probably laziness and continue with the established course now, you will probably remember the very famous fnaf3 stands that were never added and It remained a forgotten code for a long… long… long time, in fact…

another thing why i feel that the development was somewhat more disorganized and without a clear idea about what to do was the constant release of new mods/ addons that sought to be better than FB&D (like any other addon or similar things) and for this reason I always tried to encourage players to always want the addon by adding a lot of content, leaving aside what currently matters most to the player ,you know what it is? no? well… performance… this is a topic which I left aside for no reason…

why? why did i leave something important aside?

i sincerely believe that this was the detour that led me to have great demotivation for the add-on currently, not knowing what to do about it right now since now everything in the addon feels… saturated, and right now when i started making my new furniture addon, i made this a priority, avoiding adding a lot of content without at least knowing if it is polished or not, this in order to give quality to the users and more performance!

Another topic i would like to talk about would be the style of the addon

You probably already know that the addon has gone through more than 3 or even 4 texture redesigns, this is because sometimes i received help from a former developer of the addon called “Chill’s/Jenn” to change the textures or simply me i changed my style completely either leaving the basic textures and making a more detailed style which resulted in most of the textures in the addon looking more polished over time, obviously not all textures are perfect, some have their imperfections

But what do i want to achieve with this?

Well, thanks to this constant change of textures i made the addon as such not have a definitive style, which makes the addon look somewhat… strange… random at the same time, honestly it is strange how some textures look of the addon with other blocks of the addon, i feel that the textures do not look very good with each other and i recently considered changing them again, practically now using a definitive style or at least a temporary style that lasts a long time, this in order to avoid saturating the addon with texture changes over time

yes, i know that these texture changes in the end were not used during the official version of the addon, but in the same way it affects the development in a certain way because many things have to be redone which implies delaying many things to adapt the old to something new, in fact you could say that this is what frustrated me the most about the addon, always having a different style and redoing something that was already done because i was never 100% sure of the style used, but what i want to do now is to be able to have an already established style, this so that the current developers of the addon can adapt better to the style and thus be able to follow a better style order

Obviously NOT, simply what will happen with the addon is a big change that will possibly put an end to the current FB&D, what do I mean by this? It is possible that the addon will be redone from scratch, yes, this time not only the code will be redone but also the textures, models, everything, practically the addon will once again be a “new” addon but now with a good direction of what will be done and are planned to be done in the future

do you remember that i would separate the add-on into parts?

this is what will happen from now on, the addon will be launched in separate parts which will be compatible with each other with other addons, practically as if it were a fnaf game

although don’t worry, if you like having everything in one there will be a version of FB&D called “FB&D Collection” (lol, this name is very basic, probably in the next few days I will think of a new name), in this version there will be all the blocks of said versions

and well this would be all, it is something that I needed to explain from a long time ago, oh! By the way, the addon will now use custom components, this implies the following cof cof and a new topic

What better way to end the post by explaining what I wanted to explain for a long time, the custom components and how important they will be for the addon, but first…

What are they?

Custom components are practically events that can be assigned to blocks through scripts which can be js (javascript) or ts (typescript), what these scripts do is assign events such as onTick to the block, which is an event that is executed depending on the ticks of your world or a tick defined by your code or another example of a component would be onPlayerInteract that is used to give an interaction to your block, but leaving this aside…
How important are they for the addon, well… too much since the current blocks of the addon use events like these to function and thus be able to make the addon feel more alive and not just blocks… simple and boring without any function Well, now thanks to the custom components, the block code could be much better optimized now since many lines of code will not be used to execute events since they will only be executed in a single file and not individual files for each block,
This change will mean that the addon will now only require the experimental “Beta Api” function and no longer the experimental holiday creators features function (which will be removed)

oh, it is also possible that in this new “era” of the addon blocks such as the security cameras or the electricity system will be temporarily removed, only temporarily, but they will return, don’t worry 🙂

and this would be all… uff… it’s quite a bit if I’m honest but if you gave yourself the opportunity to read everything I’m really grateful, practically this is something that I wanted to explain and make understood for a long time and I can finally tell you about it

Thank you for reading the post and see you soon!!


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i really look forward for what this addon will become!