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A little talk about the development of FB&D Bedrock

Greetings again!

I haven’t made a new post in a while, i’m sorry about that, There’s just a lot that happened last week, I’m usually someone who could be considered motivated and always in good spirits

But last week was something completely different, I felt simply discouraged, unmotivated, and many other things

To tell the truth, i even went to some parties to which they invited me to see if I could cheer myself up and well, although at the parties I felt happy, in the same way I don’t know why but, when i am near the computer I simply do not feel like continuing with the development of the add-on, but in order not to stop the development of the add-on I simply force myself to do it

It is probably because i am somewhat mentally saturated or because I am somewhat mentally scrambled since I am not following the course I usually follow

But I hope this week is completely different, i hope so

Well I return to the topic of this post

Let’s talk about the development of the add-on and its future

In this post I want to be as clear as possible and I would really appreciate it if you read the entire post

First, one point why I am making this post is to clarify the future of the updates, to tell the truth I am currently going through a somewhat difficult stage in my life, either having little time to dedicate myself to doing other things because I usually always put more effort into my studies which takes away time to develop ,and this week and next week will only be exams so I will possibly be less active, that means that some planned updates will probably be moved to next weeks

No, don’t worry, the bugfix will be released this week, in fact I will talk about it after this topic

Continuing with the theme, I will simply do my best to be able to continue with the development of the add-on, although in a way the development of the add-on is not inactive, I have a really nice team that is helping me continue with the development of the addon either with models and textures which I really appreciate that they have been part of my team for FB&D ♥️

We will soon give news about what we plan to release and what things could come in FB&D Bedrock v5!

After what was previously mentioned, it is possible that the roadmap will undergo a really big change, now instead of showing dates it will only show a month in which said content may be released, but not specifying what day

And what happened with the bugfix update?

The update is still planned to be released soon, it is even possible with a high possibility that it will be released this friday, including some fixes that were planned to be made in a bugfix #2 that was planned to be released on may 9, there would practically be 3 small updates in one

And well that would be all, thank you for reaching the end of the post, I hope you have a nice night, goodbye!


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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