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FD – Bedrock | BUGFIX – Pre Release #2 (Phase 2) – RELEASE!

Happy Friday or Thursday to everyone! this time with a small FD update fixing several bugs!

New content

  • FNaF Interior wall (top tiles)
  • Carousel
  • Mangle Statue

Changes & Retextures

  • 2 new animations were added to toy foxy
  • 1 new animation was added to withered foxy
  • Vent button redesign
  • Vent light redesign
  • Electric block redesign
  • More skins for insider plushies block

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the stage plates did not attract the animatronic to its place of origin
  • Fixed a bug where doors were automatically removed when placing them
  • Fixed a bug where the “switch” block did not work with any blocks
  • Fixed a bug where the “office light button” block did not turn on the “security light” block
  • Fixed a bug where certain blocks were appearing as upgrade blocks (probably still happening)
  • Fixed a bug where the “Pirate cove curtains (purple + panel) block could not be placed correctly”
  • Fixed several model issues in mangle and withered foxy
  • Fixed a bug where you could not move animatronics using the “cahnger tool” item
  • Fixed an issue where mangle (nightmode) had replaced mangle (statue)
Download update!


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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Rating the content! :

I hope this gets updated to mcbe 61 and for phone and Nintendo and stuff as it dont work well on my devices and my version says 1.20.61 freinds too, so yeah, please and thanks, sorry and goodluck! Also this is so amazing hope it’s going good for Java aswell, you da best. Keep Up the good work!. So Yeah 61 apologies idk. 12061

Last edited 5 months ago by Daniel
Rating the content! :

How about you add a new texture pack to balloon boy JJ and at the phantoms and the nightmares that make it more easier since you did have the same balloon boy and JJ for a while

Rating the content! :

Spring bonnie don’t have his banjo 😔

Rating the content! :

This is a good update but please
retexture the balloons in 3D and put a functionality in🧹.

Rating the content! :

The flashlights are broken

Rating the content! :

how about you add the phantoms and the nightmares and plus trap that make it easier for other people to actually make a real game of it and you could have the armor stands version of them too 😁

Rating the content! :

Rating the content! :

Update for ver. 1.20.51 please and the camera abs other stuff work the doors won’t place I’m on phone and some stuff is glitchy I don’t have a new pc yet but yeah please fix and improve thank you, and sorry, GG

Thiago Francisco de Sousa

O FD V4 PHASE 2 BUG FIX tá desse jeito no bedrock no meu celular