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FD – Bedrock edition | Pre Release #1 – BUGFIX

Version highlights

  • ​Foxy redesign + 4 variants
  • Plushies and Pirate cove sign with advanced rotation
  • Many redesigns
  • Now the items “remove tool” and “rotate tool” indicate which entities can be rotated or removed with the remover tool item (still in beta)

Changes & Retextures

  • New foxy redesign!
  • Cupcake redesign + golden variant
  • Now chica, foxy, freddy and bonnie have more variants
  • The turn-on radius of the “light button” block was reduced to prevent the lights from turning on on both sides of the office
  • The “light lever” and “electric wires” block now have a texture and model based on FNaF Movie
  • The “ceiling black” block was slightly redesigned
  • Redesigned (fnaf movie interior) blocks
  • Now the plushies have a better rotation as does the pirate cove sign
  • The fnaf 1 posters were redesigned (chica, bonnie and freddy)
  • Hyrxs plush redesign
  • Some unicodes redesign


  • Fixed an issue where the “cupcake” and “golden cupcake” blocks had the wrong texture and model
  • Fixed a bug where Chica and Bonnie did not reach the “stage plate” block
  • Fixed a bug where the blocks “Freddy stage plate”,”Bonnie stage plate” and “Chica stage plate” could not be removed
  • Fixed a bug where the office door could not be removed with the “remove tool” item
  • Fixed a bug in which the items “FNAF4 Drawer left”,”FNAF4 Drawer right” and “Closet door” did not have a texture
  • Fixed a bug where the cameras and tab face were not working (thanks MC :/)
  • Fixed an issue where the “Pizzeria chairs” block did not have a collision and you could not sit on it either
  • Fixed a bug in which some blocks in “FNAF Movie Interior)” had their textures stretched
  • Fixed a bug where the “office window down” block did not match the new wall textures
  • Fixed several z-fighting issues


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