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FD – Bedrock edition | Pre Release #1

Version highlights

  • ​Main Changes Brand New Remodels/Reanimations for:
  • -Freddy Fazbear
  • -Bonnie the Bunny
  • -Chica the Chicken
  • -Backstage Heads

New Additions:

  • -Animations for the Flashlight item
  • -Some Blocks got new and improved textures
  • Floor Blocks + It’s Alts
  • Confetti Bag
  • Door Blocks (Prize Corner, Backstage/supply)
  • And Many More
  • -Security Guard Suit
  • -New Showtime and Possessed Versions of FNaF Gang (No Foxy Yet, He’s Relaxing in a Beach rn)
  • -and some Bugs Fixed

New blocks

  • Large ceiling light
  • Large ceiling wires
  • Hanging stars
  • Hanging wires
  • FNaF 4 Walls (Room and House)
  • ​Pizzeria Chairs
  • Stage curtain red block
  • Blood line
  • Wall banners
  • FFD Posters
  • Ceiling roots
  • Red  door (2×1) and Black door (2×1)
  • Alarm (FNaF 4)
  • Blue/Yellow lamp (FNaF 4)
  • Closet clothes (FNaF 4)
  • Floor x (FNaF 4)
  • House floor (FNaF 4)
  • House roof (FNaF 4)
  • House window (FNaF 4)
  • Room toy (FNaF 4)
  •  Robot toy  (FNaF 4)
  • Kid phone (FNaF 4)
  • White chair (FNaF 4)
  • Stage plates (Freddy,Chica & bonnie)
  • ​Wall paper
  • FNaF 4 Drawers left & right

New entitys and items

  • Ghost child
  • Freddy fazbear (Souled and Showtime)​
  • Chica Chicken (Souled and Showtime)
  • Bonnie bunny (Souled and Showtime)
  • Freddy mask (Functional)

Changes & Retextures

  • The “Paper cuts” and “Party flags” block was retextured
  • Battington walls and floor were retextured
  • The floor of the pizzerias was retextured to a more decent one
  • The plushies from fnaf 1 were retextured (I will soon add fnaf 2)
  • Now freddy,chica and bonnie can move between the pizzeria at night
  • Now the addon’s electrical system can turn off more blocks

– Spotlights
– Office lamps (FNaF 1/2)
– Soon I will add more support 

  • The animatronics were retextured/remodel again and these are the following

– Freddy fazbear- Chica chicken- Bonnie bunny

  • Now the “Confetti bag” item can place confetti on any block and not just on the floors
  • Improved retextured/remodel animatronic animations
  • Improved use of the item changer tool
  • FFD and FNAF Movie unicode remade
  • FNAF 4 unicode added ​
  • Wall and floor papers were retextured
  • Retextured F&F (Fazbear’s & Friends) walls and FNaF 3 walls, including FNaF 2 walls
  • Wall and floor wires were retextured
  • All fnaf 1 walls were retextured,including the stage walls, smoothly (a notable change is the tiles lines)
  • The party tables were retextured with patterns
  • Remodel and retextured animatronic heads and heads on the shelf
  • ​​New confetti block textures
  • Many blocks were renamed
  • Now it is possible to place blocks on the ground blocks (this was a mistake that I don’t know why it happened)

Remove things

  • Dust item


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!