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FD – Bedrock edition | Pre Release #2 – Phase 1


wait today is friday? Yeah! Today is a big FD Bedrock update Friday!!
In this post you will see all the news of the new update

Do you want to know what more content will be added in the next update?
you can see the roadmap here

Click on the image

Version highlights

  • ​Toy Animatronics Redesign
  • New FNaF Movie,FNaF 2 & FNaF 3 content!
  • Many redesigns lol
  • Pirate sword & Knife

New content


  • Chicas Magic Rainbow (with + 4 vars)
  • Stage Celebrate sign
  • Neon light (red)
  • Neon arcade sign (red)
  • Neon lights (yellow)
  • Pizza Box (Green bell pepper + black olives)
  • Party cake
  • Stage Curtains (Purple and golde + stars pattern)
  • Stage Curtains panel (Purple and golde + stars pattern)
  • Pizzeria Floor Stairs
  • Pizzeria Floor (inverted)
  • Pizzeria Floor (Blue & Green)
  • Pizzeria Floor (Blue and Yellow)
  • Silver Stage Spotlights
  • Emergency Light
  • FNaF Movie exterior roof metal blocks
  • FNaF Movie bathroom door
  • FNaF Movie Office door
  • Kids chair
  • Yellow pole
  • Vertical Pipe
  • Wall clock
  • is that freddy fazbear
  • Insider Plushies
  • Supporters Plushies
  • Metal Chains
  • Warning sign


  • Springlock suit
  • Head
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Damaged Springlock suit
  • Head
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Knife
  • Pirate Sword
  • Cake Slice
  • Pizza Slice (Green bell pepper + black olives)

Changes & Retextures

  • some items can now be placed on party props (dishes) block (cake slice,pizza slices)
  • Party props (dishes) redesign
  • Stage Clouds redesigned
  • New animatronics redesign
  • Toy Chica
  • Toy bonnie
  • Toy Freddy
  • Toy Foxy
  • Withered Bonnie
  • Wall Pizzeria redesigned
  • Arcades redesigned
  • Stage curtains & Pirate cove curtains redesign
  • Pizza Box and pizza slice redesigned
  • Office door buttons redesigned
  • Balloons redesigned
  • The “ceiling black” block was slightly redesigned
  • Redesigned (fnaf movie interior) blocks
  • Now the plushies have a better rotation as does the pirate cove sign
  • The fnaf 1 posters were redesigned (chica, bonnie and freddy)
  • Hyrxs plush redesign
  • Boxes Redesign
  • FNaF 3 heads redesign
  • FNaF 2 wall redesign
  • Stage floor redesign
  • Vent blocks redesign

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the name of the pizzeria ceilings was called “celling” instead of “ceiling”
  • and more blah blah


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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Rating the content! :

Hi hirx’s i don’t no how to install the addon on mcpedl ?

Ender Play

Hi hirxs, tell me how to download the addon on this website?


For some reason the bug fix add-on is not here yet and we must calm down to wait


Hirxs the arcades ate invisible

Rating the content! :

It isn’t out yet?

Fnaf boi
Rating the content! :

How to I download it

Rating the content! :

Damn this update seems amazing! I haven’t really downloaded it tho, but when I’ll be able to (or if I understand how) than imma use it, duh

Freddy Fazbear, yo
Rating the content! :

Yoooo another update, sick dude


Can you pls redisign the withered animatronics

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El primero

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