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FD – Java Edition | Snapshot 23w06a (Release log)

FD for Java edition now  it’s available!– Actual block list –

  • All FNaF 1 walls​
  • FFD walls
  • FFD Interior walls
  • Stage walls
  • Stage blocks (Speakers,Sun & Clouds)
  • Gift
  • Floor trash
  • Floor wires
  • Wall papers
  • Wall structure
  • Red/Purple  curtains  (Panel)
  • Red/Purple  curtains ( Block)
  • Red stage  curtains
  • Office door button
  • Office light button
  • Celling light
  • Office lamp
  • Office poster (celebrate)
  • Hall poster (Freddy)
  • Hanging stars
  • Hanging wires
  • Hall monitors
  • Office desk
  • Office chair
  • Party kids chairs
  • Celling white block
  • Celling gray block
  • Bathroom walls
  • Office window  
  • All pizzeria floors
  • Stage floor

How do I get the variants of some blocks?

In this video I show how to do it (this will probably change in the future)

When is the next snapshot coming out?

The next snapshot will be available next Wednesday of next week which will include much more content to finally look like FD Bedrock,meanwhile there is still a long way to go


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