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FD for JE | Snapshot 23w07a now available!

Welcome to the patch notes of FD JE – Snapshot 23w19a, in which I will show you all the changes of this new update and we will see what new content was added or what bugs were fixed

FD Java Edition (Snapshot 23w07a)

Version highlights
– New unicodes system
– Office door & light button system
– Functional changer tool
– New content & icon pack

Creative categorys changes
– Changed the name of the wall blocks category and even now all building blocks have their own section
+ Implemented a new category called “items & decors” that includes all currently added blocks to decorate

Variations system
– Now all the variations can be done with the item “changer tool” and no longer with the axes

New blocks
– Office fan
– Pirate cove curtains blocks (Red,purple & blue)
– Pirate cove curtains panels (Red,purple & blue)
– Office desk props
– Office desk (empty)
– Arcade room floor
– Office light
– Office door
– Pirate cove sign
– Supply room shelves
– Pizzeria floors slabs & stairs

Fixes & more
– Fixed an issue with the “Wall paper (Var 3)” block in which the block could no longer have a different variant
– Fixed a bug where “trash” blocks had no variations and would show up in the creative’s inventory
– Fixed a bug where the “Office light button” would show up in the creative’s inventory
– Fixed some hit box and lighting issues


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