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FD – Java Edition | Snapshot 23w09a

Version highlights

  • FNaF2 & FNaF Movie walls!
  • Redesign of many blocks and more!

New blocks

  • Pizzeria signs (Security & employees only)
  • Backstage Shelf
  • Party hats
  • Red door
  • Black door
  • Wall paper
  • Faz sodas (Red & Blue)
  • FNaF 2 Walls
  • FNaF Movie Walls
  • Red arcade floor
  • Red arcade floor (slab & stairs)
  • Blue arcade floor (slab & stairs)
  • Wall Warning sign


  • Now the “Wall Papers” block has one more variant added
  • The texture of the item “papers” was updated
  • Modified the light radius of the “office lamp” and “ceiling light” block

Fixes & more

  • Fixed a bug where Pirate cove curtain purple & red blocks could not change their texture using the item changer tool
  • Fixed a problem in the identification of some items and blocks such as
  • Red floor
  • Blue Arcade floor
  • Red pirate cove curtain block
  • Office lamp
  • Office desk
  • Fixed a problem in which the mod icons did not appear in version 1.20.1

There were also internal changes but there are too many that it takes me a while to write them lol


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