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FD – Preview 3.7 (Patch notes)

Today is update day! and this update is more than anything to improve performance in the game and fix visual bugs

– New content –

  • ​Wall signs (4+ variants)
  • Remover tool (This item has the functionality to remove the camera block and office door)
  • Purple Man (This entity was added due to some votes that took place months ago) 

– Changes –

  • Now the music of the stage speakers can be heard all over the world and can be deactivated by clicking crouched  (it also plays now in loop)
  • A new variant is added to the block “fb:stage floor” (Stage floor)
  • Red door remodel and retexture
  • Redesigned the letters of the block “fb:pirate_cove_sign” (Pirate cove sign) to a design more adapted to the letters of minecraft
  • The wall tiles blocks were redesigned (FNAF 1) Credits:   ZachDoesGames#1108
  • Floors slightly redesigned
  • The  lamps were redesigned to a design more accompanied by the addon and without errors​
  • Changer tool item retexture and unicodes
  • ​Freddy poster redesign

– Light System block supports –

  • Stage spotlights
  • Office Lamp
  • Office lamp (gray)

– Internal changes –

  • Fixed an internal problem in fnaf 1,2 and 3 wall blocks where they had the wrong material and this caused poor performance in the game
  • Fixed visual bugs in some blocks like wall lights and office windows and many more

​- Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the texture of the “shelf” block where freddy’s head on the side had an eye problem

Some of the things mentioned here were things that were going to be added months ago but because I added other types of content they were never released or were forgotten

​-RELEASE: 8/6/2023


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!