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Hirxy Weekly Post #1

Heyy again!

Yeah… i think this is something unusual, normally i have never made this type of posts but well i want to give this section more use

But first i want to clarify what i will be showing/uploading in these weekly posts, what i want to do, so I will do it in “list” mode

What things will be shown/uploaded here?

  • Add-ons dev previews (images)
  • I will tell you things that happened to me that week when i uploaded the weekly post
  • Some small spoilers about things from the future (add-ons & mods)
  • Give certain announcements
  • Answer questions
  • More…

What is the purpose for which I am doing this?

Eh nothing…, I’m just bored because I can’t do almost anything because of my fractured arm, besides idk, I want to be a little more open to show what my daily life is like and show certain things I’m working on

But well….

We will start this post with something that may interest you, and that is about the development of an official FB&D showcase map!

FB&D Official Showcase Map/World!

This map will be exclusively for MC Bedrock for now, although i will soon make one for java edition

The purpose of this map is to show you the wide variety of decorative blocks that the addon contains and thus inspire you to build a pizzeria using it

in addition to showing you the new content and giving you a tour of the maps that were used in the videos

Do you want some previews? Alright

Although changing the topic a little, how about I show you some tweaks that we made in some FB&D blocks 😉

FB&D Some old blocks tweaks

One of the blocks that really deserved a change were the FFD blocks, the texture was just ugly, so I decided to give it a better look

Oh that’s right even adding confetti to them as a new type of texture variant using the item changer tool

Although now we will talk about the walls of fnaf1, you probably would have noticed that they looked a little dark (very dark), so now I decided to change the color now a little lighter, with some new details

Now we change to another block lol, well actually I’ll show you 2 or 3 or 4, idk

And these blocks are the party tables and the desks!

Now they have a very different and detailed style compared to the previous style that looked somewhat simple and ugly, here I show you the new designs

Oh and party hats redesign

Wait… party hat? Hmmm

And that would be it, well… not really, although I didn’t want to show you this because it is practically incomplete, but it turns out that someone had already leaked it bruh….

Soon new lockers redesign

And finally what i wanted to show you, this will practically blow your head 🗣️

I present to you… the……

Advanced Walls~

But what is so special about these walls? Well, the special thing about these walls is being able to add multiple textures on each side (north, south, east, west)

This in order to give a more detailed style to your pizzeria with real details on walls with multiple different sides

Video Preview

And with this I say goodbye, this weekly post was a little short since well, unexpected things simply happened this week, so I hope that next week will be different, good night and goodbye!


What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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Incrível agora entendi porquê adiantou, acho que vai mudar a história dos mods/addons de Five nights at Freddy’s no Minecraft, por causa dessas coisas eu fico com paciência e espero aguardosamente Mr.Hirx’s

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Awesome! 😀 also first?