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Hirxy Weekly Post #2

Greetings again!
I come again with a new post of the week, this time this post is somewhat short since this week I was not so active developing addons due to several factors

  • I still have a broken arm
  • studies
  • daily life things
  • a small emotional low

Although in a way that didn’t stop me from doing certain things,
You have probably already seen some of these things but since this is a weekly post, I will add here a large part of the things I did this week

Some wood furniture for my Furnished Add-on (New add-on,ye)

Yeah, the fnaf addon is not my only priority, I also have many more things to offer and yes, this is only a small part of the furniture that I will add since there are still many more to be shown

Red Time!

As you can notice, literally the add-on really changed too much since the last time it showed the in-game blocks

uh… much time…

Although keep in mind that everything you see here is not the final product of the development of my content, things can improve as the days or weeks go by

Although if you’re wondering, yes, you can sit on this comfortable couch

And yes, you can also decorate your chairs with a beautiful red cushion


A little news regarding Farmdew Add-on

Yes, I have not forgotten about my little farm add-on, it is also a really interesting project that I am working on, although lately I have focused more on furnished (temporary name) than on this addon called farmdew, although good here I bring you some little sneak peeks

And well… i present to you the best item in the world, or at least the most important for this add-on


Beta model and texture
Beta model & Texture

This item’s function is to water your plants when you right click/block press
Yeh, this to make it more realistic or so I think heh… cof cof stardew valley feature

Although if you don’t want to water your crops don’t worry, I’ll add a sprinkler

Watering Can Showcase (and bugs lol)

Now… Bendy time! (although there is very little news unfortunately… for now)

I changed the colors of Bendy’s suit a little, this in order to make it more catchy to the color palette of the game

Btw soon new previews about this add-on

Some previews on upcoming FB&D Bedrock content!

Yeh, believe it or not, we are still working on FB&D, although now at a slow pace, because we have already released a big update literally

Some of these little news that I want to show you is this 😉

Whops… ignore this

This heh,we finally are working on the animatronics suits

Which were added in an update that was released someday this month

Also… Fan redesign!

Yeah, this block already needed a redesign, although it is not the only block that really needed it, look at these walls, do you see anything different?

Exactly, it was also redesigned

btw, did you know that we have already continued the development of FB&D for Java edition? If you didn’t know, now you know and well we plan to finally update it on April 26 Yuh Uh!

leaving that aside we have also been working on new icons for the animatronic spawn eggs

These icons were made by developer polarfredrick

btw, here I leave you something random but probably interesting heh

By Chipdo FB&D Dev

And lastly, since I don’t really want to reveal too much about what will be added in the next update, I’ll just leave this here

Foxy Poster Concept

And ye, we’re reaching the end of this post, so here I’ll leave you some random things I did

And that would be all, thank you all for the support in the previous weekly post!
See you next week and thanks to the new members of the YT channel and current YT members



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