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Holiday Decors (Valentine’s day) now available! – Changelog

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! or it probably already is in your country, so I want you to be able to celebrate it in the best way with your partner with this new content update based on the holiday, if you are alone on this day, don’t worry, I am always here for you

Version highlights

  • Valentine’s Day Decorations arrive!
  • Some retextures

New content

New blocks (decorations)

  • Wall red bow – Wall pink bow
  • Led sign (love)
  • Wall stickers (Pattern 1)
  • Wall stickers (Pattern 2)
  • Wall stickers (Pattern 3)
  • Wall Red Banner
  • Wall Pink Banner
  • Wall Light Pink Banner
  • Heart Chocolate Box
  • Hanging Decorations Hearts (Red)
  • Hanging Decorations Hearts (Pink)
  • Hanging Decorations Hearts (Pink & Red)
  • Large Hanging Hearts (Red & Pink)
  • Large Hanging Hearts (Red & Pink)
  • Hanging Decorations Hearts (Pink & Red)

Unicodes redesigns

Now the unicodes have a somewhat different design, but still maintaining a beautiful style

(Actual holidays)


  • The lighting of the pumpkins was changed
  • – The texture of the unicodes was slightly changed
  • Pack icon updated
  • Several decorations were redesigned


  • 1.20.60+ support
  • Fixed a bug where certain blocks loaded incorrectly in certain positions



What do you think of the addon? you can give us your opinions here!

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