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Content usage (Local)

  • You can’t reupload this addon on any website where this content is not available, what do I mean by that? I mean reupload this addon on mc china pages, or websites that also have the function of reuploading content from mcpedl or other sites
  • You cannot use the code or content (such as images or models, etc) that this addon includes for projects outside the theme of the addon (you can only do so if it is for personal and non-public use)
  • You cannot take ownership of this addon by passing it off as yours
  • You can use them in your worlds either MC Bedrock or Java
  • You can publish maps in mcpedl or other places using the content you downloaded, just leave the link of the content in the description
  • ​You can edit the content of either mod/addon/texture pack or world for personal use

​*Might be Subject to change

Content usage (Multiplayer)

  • You can use it on your MC Realms servers
  • You can use it on your own third-party servers (like bedrock bedrock dedicated server, Pocketmine, Nukkit… etc)
  • You can modify them to adapt them to your type of server (realms/third-party servers)
  • You cannot take ownership of this addon by passing it off as yours
  • The fact that you can edit the content to adapt it to your (realm/third-party server) does not mean that you can publish it on mcpedl or any public site, unless you leave credit for it

*Might be Subject to change

Content usage (YT Videos)

  • You can create/upload a series of roleplay videos using the content (especially for the FD addon)
  • You can upload a video using the content, as long as you do not pass off the content you are going to show as yours
  • You can create/upload tutorial videos on how to use the content or download it
  • Nothing… (for now,i guess)

The content added here for free and accessible to users is willing to offer quality to users, but that does not guarantee that at certain points in some settings of the released content there will be errors or some kind of performance problems, for this reason we are willing to read your feedback regarding these issues

Even though the content is free for any user, we have the right to delete or disable it one day for personal reasons or sudden decisions due to some misunderstanding or internal problem

But in the same way, all our content will be free and accessible to any user willing to download it